Bighelli Ugo

Our company specialises in the manufacture of flooring, installation of floors with epoxy and synthetic resins (various finishes), from lightweight insulating substrates to traditional and self-levelling screeds.

Over twenty years, we have laid ONE MILLION SQUARE METRES of flooring, working with the best cement manufacturers both nationally and internationally, while using the best products on the market.

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Bighelli Ugo Pavimentazioni

Bighelli Ugo srl
Via Pigno, 27
37066 Sommacampagna (VR)

Mob 348 74 29 489
Fax 178 22 75 857

Who we are

We specialise in working with paving manufacture and solutions – everything from isolated lightweight substrates to traditional and self-levelling screeds. Over twenty years, we have laid a MILLION SQUARE METRES of paving, working together with the best cement manufactures both nationaly and internationally, as well as using the best products on the market.

A major European presence

Our experience knows few borders: we can provide references from private individuals, entrepreneurs, and industries not only in Italy, but across Europe. We have provided paved surfaces that are walked on and worked on every day by thousands of people. These very footsteps represent the guarantee of our skill and are testimony to our professionalism.

We have provided paving for:

  • Shopping centre (250.000 sq. mt.)
  • Supermarkets (200.000 sq. mt.)
  • Factories and industrial workshops (200.000 sq. mt.)
  • Hotels (100.000 sq. mt.)
  • Apartments and residential housing (100.000 sq. mt.)
  • Leisure areas (swimming pools, green car parks, urban streets, etc.)

Major works. Ugo Beghelli provided the paving for:

  • The Postamaplatz in Berlin;
  • The supermarkets and shopping centres of Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Dresde;
  • The new hospital and research centre in Munich;
  • The Hotel Antares in Villafranca of Verona
  • The Hotel Antico Termine in Lugagnano di Sona, near Verona
  • The Villa Paletta of Negrar, near Verona
  • The Acient Red mill in Buttapietra, near Verona
  • The Il Calmiere restaurant's recreational park, in the San Zeno quarter of Verona
  • 2013: Air Force Base military helicopters LAUPHEIM (Germany)
  • New works 2014: Mall store BAYWA VIECHTACH (Germany)
  • 2014 LINZ University (Austria) Anton Bruckner
  • 2014 BONN municipality (Germany)
  • 2014 WAGNER Museum - Bayreuth (Germany)
  • 2015 LUX Residence - Berlin Centre (Germany)